The Cupcake School for Beginners

Cupcake School for Beginners @ my venue at Litherland High School, Sterrix Lane, Liverpool L21 0DB.


Want to learn how to bake cupcakes, pipe with buttercream AND learn my secrets to perfect fondant covered cupcakes?

During Cupcake School for Beginners you will learn my recipe to bake flat topped cupcakes. How to make vanilla buttercream, pipe buttercream roses and swirls. Perfect fondant domes, and decorate your cupcakes learning how to colour fondant make flowers, frills and butterflies to create a gorgeous box of vintage cupcakes 😍

Venue: Litherland High School, Sterrix Lane Liverpool L21 0DB.

Evening class date to be confirmed 2019, 6-9pm
£49 per person

Create a collection of 6 beautiful vintage cupcakes.

Info group can be accessed here:-

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