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Checklist – How to prepare for your EHO Inspection


1. Go to your Local Authority EHO website and check what guidance is there for you including FAQs. If their website is poor or not up-to-date please read the Liverpool Council link 'Home Catering' doc.


2. Order Safer Food Better Business File from Amazon or Ebay.


3. Organise Public Liability insurance.


4. Complete Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering Certificate online.


5. Complete Food Allergen Awareness Online Training and be prepared to explain how you handle allergens in your kitchen with regards to avoiding cross contamination and how you make customers aware of allergens.


6. Order allergen labels.


7. If you offer Free From products be very clear about how you bake to avoid cross contamination.


8. Go to FSA Website and update your knowledge about the extra measures you can put into place due to Covid. Put this in writing for your file.


9. Ensure you have completed the cleaning schedule and suppliers list in your Safer Food Better Business File.


10. Ensure you have 2 thermometers – one for fridge, one for oven. If you use a freezer have one in there too.


11. Ensure you have at least one clean shelf designated for your cake business, clearly labelled if using your family fridge.


12. Ensure you have a designated shelf/cupboard/storage space for the ingredients and tools you use specifically for your business.


13. Use plastic sealable storage to store ingredients in. You can either place your bag of flour/sugar inside it. Or decant and ensure there is a label on the outside that states brand name, batch no, use by date etc


14. Be clear on where you wash your hands ensuring that it is in a separate place to where you do your dishes.


15. If you can invest in BS EN registered cleaning products then do so. If you have difficulty locating them contact your EHO in advance of inspection and ask what products they in particular approve of so you do not waste your money. There are some local authorities that approve of LIDL and ALDI products but please double check. Ensure hand soap at sink is antibacterial.


16. Do your best to commit all of the systems you have in place above in writing, just a quick list, and display in your file.


17. On the day of your inspection have your kitchen set up for business eg clear away family items, pets in crates, children out of kitchen, sign up on kitchen door (Baking in progress – knock to enter), clean down work surfaces, floor, oven, fridge, storage cupboard as if you were about to bake.


This list is not exhaustive. You will find that some Local Authorities will have particular areas they like to focus in on.

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