*The Wedding Cake Design Online Diploma*
I have received messages every single day throughout this pandemic asking me when my 2 day Wedding Diploma is scheduled. But with Liverpool being a covid hotspot and now being under special lockdown measures there is no way I can safely run this class as a face-to-face session.
So to enable me to reach students eager to learn I will be running this class as an ONLINE Diploma (which will run separately to The Secret Ingredient Members Club) .The Online Wedding Cake Design Diploma will run as a 4 Week Course. There will be 3 pre-recorded videos released each week to enable you to create one tier a week and there will be a weekly facebook live to answer any of your questions. I will also share my Wedding Cake experiences, ups and downs, pricing, wedding fayres and how to promote PLUS Wedding Cake Fashions since Covid!
*Why take part?*
Maybe you would like to experience how much work goes into making a Wedding Cake?Maybe you'd like to practise making your own Wedding Cake?Maybe you're a beginner and would like to learn the skills in the comfort of your own home?Maybe the Wedding Cake Industry really intrigues you and you would just like to be a part of this exciting new online way of learning?!
*What experience/skills do I need?*
This online course has been developed from the basics up to ensure ALL skill levels can take part. So if you are a complete beginner that is fine come join us! We all have to start at the beginning don't you think?! I ensure that all online classes cover the absolute basics and where to buy the resources.
*What skills will I learn?*
Learn up-to-date Wedding Cake Decoration techniques.If you'd like to dip your toe into the wonderful world of Wedding Cake Design join me for the Four Week Onlie 'Diploma' Wedding Design class covering sharp fondant corners, floral wreaths, marble & lustre effects, sparkles, ruffles, edible lace PLUS I will be sharing my tips on how to manage Wedding Orders and pricing.You will design each of the four tiers (using cake dummies) and learn how to photograph so you can add this design to your portfolio.
*What tools and resources do I need*
The resource list of items you will either need to purchase or check you have already will be available in our online facebook community. I will ensure that there is a list for those of you on a tight budget with minimal tools and an additional list for those of you who want to invest in special cutters and molds. Either way your cake will look beautiful as I have so many top tips to show you!
The main items you need are 3kg sugarpaste, 250g modelling paste, plastic round cookie cutters, 14 inch cake drum, 4 x cake dummies (size 4, 6, 8 and 10inch), flexi smoothers, cake smoothers, paint brushes, edible glue, trex, sharp kife, large rolling pin, small rolli g pin. plastic spacers (or 2 Asda wooden spatulas), pizza wheel, metallic lustre dust, dipping solution (or vodka), small selection of colour gels, large rose cutter, cocktail sticks, ball tool, flower foam pad, Asda food cutting mat. ALOT OF THESE TOOLS CAN BE PURCHASED AT HOME BARGAINS and ASDA!
More advanced items which are optional: lace mat, Edible lace, floral hoop, leaf cutter, floral wires and tape, blossom art flower cutters, silk flowers and foliage, metal ball tool.
*When will this class start?!*
Monday 2nd November 2020. Classes are pre-recorded to ensure that you can participate at a time that suits you. Each class will launch every Wednesday throughout November 2020. You will also have access to a special online community just for Wedding Diploma students where you can ask any questions. I will go live every week to address any problems you may have encountered and answer your questions!
*How much?* 
This online class is £109. The number of students I can permit to participate is limited. Full balance must be paid by Friday 30th October 2020.
*What is a Diploma Certificate*
This is an online certificate issued by The Secret Cake Kitchen Cake School confirming that the recipient has completed all modules successfully and provided photographic proof of the work produced.
*How much time will it take me*
If you would like to complete the cake within the 4 weeks I would recommend putting aside 2-3 hours a week.
If you have ANY questions please comment below or send me a message. Gill x

The Wedding Cake Design Online Diploma


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