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*New Trend for 2024*

The Cake Bouquet 💐

What is it?

A beautiful floral buttercream cake wrapped just like a bouquet!

Why make it?

If you'd like a different option to making Cupcake Bouquets then definitely try a Cake Bouquet.

If you've mastered baking cakes then this style of cake can be so much quicker to decorate and wrap.

You can and size cake from cute tiny bento cakes, to tall cakes, basically any size cake tin from 4-12inch. It all just depends on how many people you want to feed!

How do you decorate them quickly?

Russian Piping Tips (also known as Nifty Nozzles).

Have you tried using Russian Piping Tips?

  • 0%Yes and they drive me mad!

  • 0%No I'd love to try!

If you've found the right consistency buttercream or frosting then the russian piping tips are definitely super quick to use.

*You can try my original crusting buttercream recipe with a splash of cream*

In the video below, I'm using a different, new type of frosting. I was looking for a consistency similar to meringue. It’s so quick and easy to make AND is bright white - meaning it is easier to colour.

This is the frosting I'll be using in my new Cake Bouquet Bento and Cupcake Class:

For the best looking flowers try using a two tone effect.

How to prepare your piping bag for two tone buttercream:

  • Pop your piping tip into your piping bag.

  • Add two spoonfuls of coloured buttercream into the piping bag and use it to coat the walls of the piping bag.

  • To help me do this, once I've added the two spponfuls, I lie the bag flat on the table and press the buttercream all around. Squish it around and ensure you've coated half way up the piping bag.

  • Then open up the piping bag again. Place it into a large pint glass to help you. Then insert white buttercream (or a pale colour) into the piping bag. Add enough to fill the piping bag half way up.

  • Take the piping bag out of the glass and push the buttercream down the bag.

  • The first few squeezes may result in just once colour come out. Use this to practise your technique. Then you'll start to see the two colours start to come through.

Want to learn more?

If you'd like to learn how to make a Cake Bouquet then join me at my studio for class.

You'll make your own frosting, colour it and then have lots of practice with the Russian Piping tips.

If you need hands on support I'm there to guide you through step by step!

Link here for you to view dates and more class info.

If you have any questions about class, no matter how big or small, send me a message through the website.

Happy caking!

Gill x

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